A Letter from the Superintendent

IMG_0157Dear Fellow Minister:

Christian greetings!

I will soon complete 46 years of service to the North Carolina District. It has been a great honor to serve this Fellowship: first as secretary-treasurer, and then as superintendent. Thanks for allowing me to serve you and the District.

While contemplating our future, Eloise and I have come to the decision that I would not seek re-election to the Office of District Superintendent when the District Council convenes May 23-25,2016. I encourage you to do two things: pray for, and plan now, to attend the District Council.

My prayer is and will always be in the best interest of the District. Be assured of our continued love and affection for this great District; and, most importantly, please pray for Eloise and me that we will always walk humbly before God and endeavor to serve Him faithfully.

Sincerely in Christian fellowship,

Charles Kelly

Announcement from the District Superintendent
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