After Hurricane Matthew, North Carolina is facing a state of emergency with disastrous and devastating flooding throughout the eastern region.  Many of our churches are serving as a center of relief and aid for their communities – providing food, water, shelter, transportation and any help they can for those who are suffering.

The NCAG would like to ask you to consider giving a donation to the Hurricane Matthew Disaster Relief fund. Your gift to the Hurricane Matthew Relief Fund will help provide immediate relief to those who need it most during this difficult time.


Executive Leadership

Rick Ross
Rick RossSuperintendent
Randall Rogers
Randall RogersSecretary - Treasurer
David Crabtree
David CrabtreeAssistant Superintendent

West District Leadership

Michael Brown
Michael BrownMountains
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Mark DolphensWest

Central District Leadership

Bruce Johnson
Bruce JohnsonTriad
Richard Gurganus
Richard GurganusTriangle

East District Leadership

Wallace Phillips
Wallace PhillipsNortheast
John Watford
John WatfordSoutheast

Other Leadership

Mike Rakes
Mike RakesAt Large
Cindy King
Cindy KingWomen
Josh Clark
Josh ClarkU40
Francisco Soltren
Francisco SoltrenHispanic Fellowship
Hedric Jones
Hedric JonesNative American Fellowship
Ron McManus
Ron McManusChairman, Committee on Mission
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Lawrence WilliamsBlack Fellowship