A Message from the New District Superintendent
A Message from the Secretary-Treasurer

A Farewell Letter from Dr. Charles Kelly


Dear Fellow Minister:

Christian greetings!

It was April 8, 1970, that the North Carolina District Council elected me to the Office of District Secretary-Treasurer. I served in that position for 22 years. On May 7, 1992, the District Council elected me to the Office of District Superintendent. I have served in that position for 24 years. These past 46 years of service to the District have been incredibly rewarding to Eloise and me.

Recognizing there are seasons in our life, last summer Eloise and I knew that at the 2016 District Council I would conclude my services to the District in the role of superintendent. On Tuesday, July 26th , I will conclude my services in that role and leave this office with the deepest appreciation for the privilege of having served this great District, while building incredible relationships with the ministers and churches. Thanks for the opportunity to serve.

The manner in which the District Council honored Eloise and me at the recent District Council in Greensboro was incredible. The gift of the automobile, the financial gift, other gifts, and encouraging comments are greatly appreciated. Words will never be adequate to express our appreciation.

Our numbers for home and cell phones will remain the same. Our new email addresses are ckelly@liainc.org and ekelly@liainc.org.

I pray for great success as the new administration leads the District to the future. Further, I pray for each minister and church that they will always experience the blessings of the Lord.

God bless you!

Sincerely in Christian fellowship,

Charles Kelly