so that all may hear about his love - in our neighborhoods and around the world.

NCAG Missions

The legacy of the Assemblies of God has deep, sturdy roots in missions. Since our founding, we’ve believed strongly that we are to do whatever it takes that all may hear His story and have an opportunity to believe.  As a movement, we equip missionaries for many different works – long term, short term, in the United States, and throughout the world. In the North Carolina Assemblies of God, our goal is one hundred percent participation.

We believe every one of our pastors, church bodies, and individual church members has a role to play in sending the Story around the world! To this end, we employ a variety of different programs: Light for the Lost, Touch the World, BGMC and Speed the Light to name a few.

Will you help us fulfill His Great Commission to us? Here’s how you can be involved:
  • PRAY – Pray daily for our missionaries and for this still waiting to hear the Good News. Choose specific missionaries to cover with focused and consistent prayer times.
  • INVITE – Choose a host missionary (family) and give them a window or service at your church! For a list of currently itinerating missionaries click here. For a list of our US Missionaries click here.
  • SEND – Support our NCAG missionaries on a monthly basis! Even $10.00 a month given faithfully helps them maintain budgets and continue great works.
  • GO – Consider partnering with some of our missionaries, either in the US or abroad, by sending a team of volunteers from your local church.

Interested in becoming a missionary?