U.S. Missions

United States Missionaries are a vital part of the team of 2,708 Assemblies of God Missionaries who serve in many capacities of expertise in 252 countries, territories, and provinces. These missionaries serve in many different areas of evangelism, church planting, chaplaincy, Chi Alpha (an outreach to the university campuses of the Nation), Life Challenge, along with specialized ministries reaching hidden harvest fields of our nation.

World missions

World Missionaries are those who serve through Assemblies of God World Missions outside of the United States. The Assemblies of God have grown over 67 million constituents around the world, 95% of whom attend Assemblies of God churches outside the United States. This is nearly 1% of the world’s population! The most recent statistics, there are 366,105 churches and 384,205 ministers worldwide. One believer is added every 21 seconds, one new church is planted every 54 minutes, and one new minister is enlisted every 49 minutes.